Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fun Fare in English Language Learning

Fun Fare in English Language Learning is a theme-based series of four English Language books.This series provides a variety of activities and exercises to supplement and reinforce what children learn in school.Three of the themes,Animals,Favourite Things and Friends have been selected to cater to their interests while the fourth,Environment is about environmental issues that they should be made aware of.The books contain not only grammatical and lexical items but also other componets,such as figures of speech,idioms,etc..which make the English Language so rich in its form.

Parents and teachers can work through the exercises with their children,guiding and helping them whenever needed.It is hoped that through these activities,the children will be motivated to use the language correctly and as often as possible.

This will then help to fulfil the objectives of the National Education Philosophy to produce citizens who are fluent in the English Language and able to communicate confidently on the global stage.

P/s: I have used this set of books for my home tuition and kindergarten.The books contain simple,easy and creative activities and exercises.My students really enjoyed their lessons and they had gained lots of knowledge.YES!They have shown tremendous progress on their vocabulary.(From: Teacher Shikin)

Note: This book is recommended for teachers and homeschooling.It is suitable for you and your children everyday needs.

Title: Fun Fare in English Language Learning
Language: English
Age: 5-8 years old
Status: only 1 set AVAILABLE
Code: 13B_FF001
Price: RM10 for 1 set

This book introduces a group of young friends with individual looks and characteristics to make the learning of English more effective.This is because children can identify with these youngsters as they most probably have similar interests,likes and dislikes.They make also be indulging in the same kinds of activities enjoyed by the gang.

(Sample pages of My Gang and Me book)

Many of us have personal possessions that we still cherish despite having outgrown them.Among our favourites may be a cuddly toy or a soft blanket.This theme is selected to exploit the happy times children spend with their possessions in the hope that they will be delighted and motivated to learn the language associated with these items.

(Sample pages of My Favourite Things book)

Children are never too young to be exposed to environmental issues such as littering,pollution,deforestation and the poachingg of animals.This book aims to make children aware of these issues and appreciate nature as well as be ready to play an active role in saving the environment.Through this theme,the children learn the English language in a meaningful context.

(Sample pages of Me and The Environment book)

Most,if not all,children love animals and what better way is there than to enlist the help of these lovable creatures to motivate young children to learn the English Language.The children are taught grammar and lexis associated with animals,ranging from their body parts to their habitats and eating habits.Most of the words used in this book are in line with school syllabus while the rest are included to enchance the children's vocabulary.

(Sample pages of My Animals Friends book)


pbsl said...

you have a nice site. thanks for sharing this resources. anyway, various kinds of ebooks are available here


pbsl said...

you have a nice site. thanks for sharing this resources. anyway, various kinds of ebooks are available here